Who are we?

BPM Company is an innovative company, founded in 2011. We specialize in designing, developing and implementing Business Process Management software. In doing so, our ambitious consultants help clients with their digital transformation every day. Or, to be more precise, we help them to improve their operating processes, by means including Robotic Process Automation. They do that with the help of the Pega and Mendix platforms.

But enough about us: you can read a lot more about who we are and what we do at the BPM Company website.

What can we do for you?

We develop software, we help clients develop and we help you develop. For years, BPM Company has been among the Netherlands’ fastest growing companies. That has everything to do with our employees: ambitious, top-quality specialists who do work that they love. And who are supported by us in that process.

If you come work for us, we will help you develop with education and training. You will have the freedom to structure that yourself, and to have control over your own career. We always invest in an extensive Pega or Mendix training. That will enable you to work in your position. But you will then also be given all kinds of opportunities to delve into areas, specialize, and develop. In hard skills and soft skills. To get better and better. We believe that when we invest in you, you invest in us and in our clients. And that you go the extra mile. Because your job makes you happy and gives you energy.

Ready for the next step?

We also help you develop through the work that you do. As the first Pega partner in the Netherlands and the first Mendix partner in Belgium, BPM Company has a network of prominent clients. In other words, we can offer you fantastic, challenging and in-depth assignments. For a great salary – which is also important.

The development opportunities don’t stop at work. Because we know how important the balance is these days between work and personal life. We take that into account: we also help you develop as a person. By taking the time to relax. Relax with memorable BBQ evenings, for example, yearly ski trips, fun Christmas field trips and many more of these kinds of social activities. But we also pay attention to your life outside of work in other ways. This can include the option to work from home, or a mobility budget, allowing you to decide how to commute.

Ready for the next step in your career? Or are you just curious to see what we can offer you?

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