Your Pega career within reach.

Everything revolves around your growth and personal development as a professional. In recent years, we have invested heavily in a number of unique assets to facilitate this. We have become an authorised Pega training partner and have set up our own Academy in which we develop our own supplementary Pega training courses.

In addition, we have developed our own talent management system that will support you with various facilities such as Pega career paths, coaching, peer review and training. In this way, you will continue to be challenged and learn in the long run.

Getting started with Pega?
First certify!

Whether you’re a starter or a seasoned IT expert or business analyst, you can only get started with this development platform once you have the official Pega certificates. Don’t worry, under the guidance of our experienced trainers you will get your certificates in no time at all.

Aan de slag met Pega

At our academy, we help you to get your first certificates:

Benefits of the BPM Company Academy

  • BPM Company specialists and trainers help you with your training courses
  • Personal feedback, guidance and explanation during your training
  • You go through the course in hybrid form (classroom and online self-study)
  • Gaining practical experience through specifically developed cases
  • Joint training and preparation for the exams
  • Further training courses developed in house, such as UI/UX, Lead System Architect, AI and Robotics

“Through the BPM Company Academy, I was prepared in no time at all to start working as a Pega developer in a project at a customer. Due to the training and guidance of senior colleagues, I was able to start immediately and add value.”

Niels Oelderik
Pega Architect @ BPM Company

Pega-certified in 5 steps: