Is Pega new to you, but do you want to master this as soon as possible and start making an impact? Do you want to be the expert who will build the best solutions for customers? Who is asked for advice on every project? In other words, do what the BPM Company consultants do daily? Then challenge yourself within our organization. Don’t worry, you don’t just jump in at the deep end with us. We develop your talent through a personal approach, an in-house training program, and a central focus on your ambitions.

Learning in the BPM Company Academy

You cannot start at the customer and make an impact without a good Pega foundation. The most important thing is that you quickly get a good base in Pega. If you don’t have one yet, you’ve come to the right place. In our own BPM Company Academy, you will be given the opportunity to certify yourself as a Certified System Architect and Certified Senior System Architect. You will be guided by our most experienced consultants throughout this process. This gives you extra depth and context to the theory.

In addition to the study material for the exam, we have made extra cases to test your knowledge. After all, that is the ultimate goal: to ensure that you can perform and enjoy your success in practice! After obtaining your certificates, you will quickly start with your first assignment.

Tracking and accelerating your development

While you are developing for customers daily, you are also developing yourself. After all, you learn more and more every day, both from your work and from the experience of your colleagues. The success of the Pega Professional lies in the joint practical experience. But how do you know what to focus on in terms of development? And how are you going to realize these ambitions and goals? As an organization, we work together on your ambitions and in achieving your potential. We do this through the following approach:

  1. Coaching through experience
    First, we provide a coach that suits you. This is an experienced colleague who then has one task with you; develop your skills, ambition, and potential within two years.
  2. Assessment
    To clarify this task, you make an assessment of BPM Company. This is not intended to assess you, but to map out your areas for development. You do these assessments every six months to monitor your progress.
  3. Areas of development
    The results from the assessments provide insight into your development points, and it can be determined where the focus and attention should be given.
  4. Development plan
    With the goals and the areas of development figured out, you will transform them into tasks, assignments, and exercises. You carry out this in practice, and you meet with your coach every month to discuss the progress.

As you can see, this way of developing is really focused and centered on you. This method works because we keep challenging you to constantly work on your ambitions, skills, and talent.

We learn from each other

You are never alone in your talent development. After all, there are a lot of colleagues around you with similar goals. Therefore, we organize knowledge sessions where common topics and interests are highlighted. During these sessions (which are every month) you will learn from each other’s learnings and solutions, but you will also enrich yourself with new knowledge and be inspired by the insights of your colleagues. These sessions will not only be on specific topics about Pega, but also in personal development.

A total guidance towards development

By offering a broad basis in our own Academy, after which you come to the customer in a challenging environment, you make a flying start in your Pega development at BPM Company. This foundation is there and the challenge of implementing it is now up to you!

Do you get excited about this approach and do you have an immense ambition to improve yourself? Contact us and you could be that new Pega expert!

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