The success of a business depends on the quality of the workforce. This is something that we at BPM Company are fully convinced of. As a company, we therefore benefit from our consultants having the right expertise and experience. Based on this reciprocity principle, we have recently developped our new talent management system which focusses on the personal growth and development of our colleagues. In this way we give direction to the development journey of everyone within BPM Company. In this blog, various colleagues will speak about their experiences with this new system.

Personal approach

The introduction of the new talent management system is the result of the strong focus that BPM Company has on the development and growth of our colleagues. With this system, the development of colleagues is structurally looked at with the intention of allowing them to grow to a higher level. The focus is placed on both the personal qualities and the wishes of the colleague himself. After all, we develop and grow together, as a company and as an employee!

Arjan Wiegman: “It is great that BPM Company now has various growth paths that provide guidance on how you can develop yourself in your career. Because this is supplemented with room for the individual talents and wishes of each colleague, it also becomes very personal. ”

Long-term cooperation

In the new performance management system, colleagues work on both soft- and hard skills development. This is done by means of a personal compass. The compass then gives direction to the growth of the relevant colleague. This allows colleagues to grow to a higher level in a short time. Moreover, this more often leads to long-term cooperation in which both employer and employee function optimally and get the best out of themselves and each other.

Bo van Ommen:“For me personally, this new HR system really has added value. A personal plan is drawn up in consultation, indicating which soft skills and hard skills are necessary to be able to continue to develop in the coming years. This is very important to me. BPM Company already offered the options for training, certification and an individual learning budget, but the growth that you also want to experience as a person on an individual level was looked at less. This new system therefore provides an extra dimension because it is also clearly recorded which soft skills are required. ”

Mark Overduin: “For me, the added value is that the personal compass provides good focus, which helps in achieving concrete goals and taking steps.”

Quality first

One of the core values of BPM Company is that we are “quality driven”. This means that the focus in everything we do is on quality. In order to function optimally as a company, it is therefore important that colleagues get the best out of themselves, but certainly also out of each other. Together we can achieve more and we can push each other to great heights. Moreover, this benefits the quality of the service. Much is therefore aimed at the self-development of the colleague and his or her motivation to grow (further).

Bram Agterberg: “The new HR system provides clarity about your position within the company and the steps you can take to grow within the company. This allows you to give your own development even better direction in collaboration with your manager. The system also provides clear insight into your performance so far and your potential.”

Develop & grow together

All this contributes to BPM Company’s ambition as a company. The aim is to become the quality market leader in Western Europe in the field of digitization. Not the biggest, but the best. We therefore believe that it is good to formulate clear objectives in order to get closer to the final goal.

Sven van Ledden:“The added value of the new HR system is that the development agreements can be clearly tested by means of a SMART formulation. You and your manager determine whether the development agreements are in line with taking the next step in your career. In addition, it is clear which skills you need to work on and what exactly you need to do to achieve the next step. Because your manager monitors progress, this can make the difference between “progress” or “big progress”.

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Rio Essed: “For me, the great added value of the new HR system is that you get a clearer insight into where you stand in your career, what your career opportunities are and what is needed for this. Your personal performance, competences and your commitment to BPM Company are also more quantifiable. This makes it possible to look transparently and concretely as to where you can further develop yourself as a person and where you can contribute to the success of BPM Company.”

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