After studying economics, Erwin Winters found his way into IT. When he discovered the power of low-code, he sooncame across BPM Company. The value BPM Company places on talent management and the way you are coached made Erwin decide to choose BPM. He is now Senior System Architect Pega and is just as enthusiastic about our company as he was during his first meeting.

Building applications without an IT background

After graduating, I worked for five years at an automation company that develops IT solutions for the construction industry. Quite unusual in itself, since I graduated in economics, but IT just draws me. I love building something, developing applications and seeing results quickly. So when I came across low-code, I decided to focus on it. I started working as a low-code consultant, first at two other companies, and since March 2023 at BPM Company.

Talent management

BPM Company values talent management: where are you now, what are your goals and what steps are needed to reach those goals? There is a strong focus on your competencies, especially when it comes to obtaining certifications within the Pega domain. To achieve a certification, you have to meet the required competencies at that specific level. Very factual and objective. It does require you to be actively involved in your own development and willing to invest time in it. Fortunately, BPM Company provides you with study days that you can use for this purpose. For me personally, it was this approach that convinced me that BPM Company is the company to work for.

Real growth, not empty promises

I have been working here for several months now, and I can say with conviction: at BPM Company, talent management is not a wash. They believe that employee development benefits the employees themselves, the customers and BPM Company. I greatly appreciate the fact that BPM Company takes my growth seriously and invests in my development. And of course, it’s a win-win situation where my growth as a professional increases the value I can provide to clients.

Structured approach and guidance

I started my career at BPM by going through the BPM Company Academy. After two months, I earned my Pega CSSA certification and was then able to immediately start working on real projects. The structured approach and guidance ensured a smooth transition to working in the field. My first year here is all about gaining Pega knowledge and making sure I am at the right skill level.

Market leader in the field of Pegasystems

BPM Company is known for the quality we offer and our position as market leader in the field of Pegasystems. The team has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Many colleagues have been working with Pega for a long time and know the ropes. I can learn a lot from them, not only when it comes to Pega, but also when it comes to how to approach certain things and how to deliver an application in the right way. At BPM Company, there is always someone available to help you with questions and to support you in your growth and development. That’s a comforting thought.

Do you want to build the future with the Pega platform, just like Erwin?

Are you curious about the possibilities of getting started at BPM Company? You no longer need a technical study background to build software. Regardless of your studies, if you have an affinity for IT, there are plenty of opportunities at BPM Company. Contact us and you might become that new Pega expert! Take a quick look to see if there is a match with one of our job openings or contact our recruiters.

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