A switch to Pega’s low-code development platform is a logical choice for many Business Analysts. The same goes for Floris de Groot. Two years ago, he joined BPM Company as an experienced Business Consultant and Analyst. Now he works as a Pega Lead Business Architect at our client; Rabobank. During an interview on the golf course in Hilversum, he talks about this and makes the comparison of his work and this sport. Find out if this is also a career “course” that suits you.
“Making the right decisions at the right time as a Business Analyst, just like in golf, is essential for achieving success. If you choose the wrong approach/golf club then it becomes difficult or sometimes impossible to achieve the goals/hole.” – Floris de Groot, working as Pega Lead Business Architect at BPM Company since 2020.

What appeals to you about this work?

I love the impact you have as a BA on the ultimate success of the project, making a significant contribution to the digital transformation of organisations. In my work, I am constantly busy bringing together different interests and making the connection between Business & IT. I also work daily with innovative software, from Pega! The Pega platform is known in the market for its endless possibilities and is therefore a real game-changer for organisations working on digital transformations.

The combination of being able to make a real impact, managing stakeholders and working with innovative technology gives me great satisfaction and pleasure. This role can also be very varied; in practice, in addition to being Lead Business Architect, I am also regularly interim Product Manager, where in addition to managing stakeholders, I am also involved in drawing up roadmaps and prioritising various initiatives (read: epics and features).

Pega Business Analist vs. Business Analist

From my experience as a Business Consultant and Analyst, I know which actions and initiatives increase the chances of success. Combined with the knowledge of the Pega platform, you are able to speak the (Pega) language of IT/developer in addition to the language of the business. This makes it easier to make the connection and allows you to add value faster. It also helps when you know what is technically possible, so that you can make clear to the business at an early stage which wishes are or are not feasible. Furthermore, with this Pega knowledge you can lead design sessions more efficiently. This saves the organisation a lot of time and makes a difference as a Pega BA.

The comparison with ‘golf’ and a ‘successful Pega project’

To achieve success, it is important to make the right decisions at the right time, this is also true in golf. Not choosing the right clubs/tools or technique and not taking into account the limitations or obstacles of the course? Then you will eventually reach the hole, but not as efficiently as when you do know which tools and techniques to use.

Knowledge of Pega’s low-code platform

To gain the necessary knowledge of the Pega platform, I attended the ‘Pega Business Architect’ and ‘Pega System Architect’ training courses when I started at BPM Company. This is a regular part of the onboarding programme at BPM Company. This way, as an IT or BA person, you are prepared to start working on a Pega project with the right skills. Together with the other new colleagues, you follow this programme over two months within the BPM Company Academy. Read more here.

What was your rationale for choosing BPM Company?

I was looking for an organisation and role where I could enhance my extensive knowledge and experience at the intersection of Business & IT with an innovative and future-proof software Platform. I knew Pega from previous projects and knew that it is a big name in the market. In addition, I was aware that low-code and Intelligent Automation will play an increasingly important role in the future. These two points added up and the fact that BPM Company has been making a difference at leading customers since 2010 and has competent colleagues to spar with were decisive for me. That the culture within the organisation is good, I had already understood from others and was confirmed during my first conversations at BPM Company.

The place to further develop as a BA

At BPM Company, I experience the beauty of two worlds; working for great brands that are working daily with the latest technologies to innovate and stay ahead, and also working for BPM Company; an incredibly cool club where I actively share knowledge with like-minded people to grow and create value for each other. For instance, we are currently working with the BA practice to bring together individual needs and define joint concrete actions for this. In the near future, we also want to do this with clients by using practical examples in co-creation to arrive at renewed insights.
In addition, within BPM Company a lot is being invested in the employees, for example I will start the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) course next month. I am going to use this knowledge at both BPM Company and customers for various programmes and improvement initiatives, obviously in the right way to suit the situation. On a Pega project, that usually means an Agile approach.

Curious about working at BPM Company?

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