Not one, but two celebrations at BPM Company! Recently, we celebrated the five-year work anniversary of both Mark Overduin and Rio Essed. A great milestone for them and BPM Company. In this blog, we look back on the past five years together with Mark and Rio.

 Can you start by telling something about yourselves?

Mark: “I am 32 years old and live in Amersfoort with my girlfriend and 2-year-old daughter. In my spare time I like to play tennis. I studied Industrial Engineering in Eindhoven and I graduated in BPM and Process Mining.

Before I made the switch to BPM Company five years ago, I worked for four years as an IT Consultant at Keylane. Here I worked for a large number of insurers. Currently, I have enjoyed working at BPM Company for five years. For my current project, I am active as a Pega Business Architect at de Volksbank, where I work in the Fundamentals team. Here we want to improve all kinds of service processes for business customers and to automate them as far as possible.”

Rio: “My name is Rio Essed, 35 years old and living with my fiancée in Utrecht. No children yet, but definitely a wish. I did the hbo bachelor’s degree in Engineering Design & Innovation. Then I made the choice to pursue my passion for software and got my master’s degree in Information Sciences at the VU Amsterdam. Other great passions are tennis and photography. In addition, I would call myself a real cinephile and audiophile.

I have been working for BPM Company for 5 years now. Before that I worked at Capgemini for a year, where I started my career as a Pega developer. I have already experienced several projects, including at Achmea, three at the DICTU (government) and my current position as Senior Software Architect at the Mandemakers Groep (DMG) in Waalwijk. I am part of DMG from the Customer Service team where we build really cool applications for customer service.”

How did you end up at BPM Company?

Mark: “I was approached by a recruiter from BPM Company. I immediately felt a match with BPM Company as an organisation. Additionally, I thought it would be nice to also work in different fields after a number of years in insurances. Furthermore, I also wanted to do more with Business Process Management (BPM).”

Rio: “I was also approached by a BPM Company recruiter. What appealed to me was the good reputation BPM Company has in the market, the diversity in projects and the size of the company (small and non-hierarchical).”

Foto Mark met bos bloemen tijdens de viering van zijn 5-jarig jubileum

How come BPM Company is still the right place for you after five years?

Mark: “Because of BPM Company, I have had a number of fun projects with clients. I’m once again working on a fun project at De Volksbank. What really appeals to me in my daily work is the variety in work and the different roles you can fulfill. Additionally, BPM Company has an organization that feels like a second home. My nice colleagues play a big role in this.”

Rio: “BPM Company is an organisation that keeps the interests of its employees in mind. As a result, I have already been able to do many fun projects with many skilled colleagues. This has contributed enormously to my development as a Pega Professional. Additionally, there are many opportunities to work on your hard and soft skills. I feel heard and also valued within the organization. The casual atmosphere I mentioned earlier and the fun activities we do, such as the annual ski weekend, ensure that I can get to know my colleagues in an informal setting as well. ”

Foto Rio en Jan-Willem na speech op de viering van Rio's 5-jarig jubileum

Looking back on the last five years, what are you proudest of?

Mark: “The moment when we have a go-live at a customer project. It always gives me a kick when you work towards a goal together and manage to achieve this goal.”

Rio: “Several complex technical issues for which I had to crack my brain and which I was able to implement within DMG. Additionally, the functionalities that are used daily by customer service, but also by commercial customers of DMG itself. ”

Do you want to work with Pega at BPM Company just like Mark and Rio? Then take a look at our vacancies and who know, maybe you will soon start the countdown towards your five-year work anniversary at BPM Company.

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