When you choose a new challenge at BPM Company, you choose a dynamic environment in which you can experience great growth as a Pega specialist. Thanks to BPM Company’s unique mentoring program, you will not only grow as a Pega specialist, but you will also experience a great personal development. In this blog, René van Seuren, Senior BPM architect at BPM Company, tells more about the mentoring program.

Better mentor

I am substantively responsible for the internal mentoring program within BPM Company. I never went through the program myself, because when I entered BPM Company almost ten years ago, I already had long experience as a senior consultant. Nevertheless, the program has also helped me personally refocus some things. What are important topics in the Pega platform? How important are certain issues in relation to each other? Thinking about that carefully did help me be a better mentor.

Tailored mentorship

We have a range of tools to support mentee growth. This can range from specific training from the Pega Academy, to having conversations with colleagues who have experience with certain aspects of Pega. We can also offer practical exercises, and where necessary, the mentor can provide personal explanations and guidance. By using various sources of information, the mentee can very effectively and efficiently increase his or her level of knowledge.

Continuous evaluation and growth

Our mentoring program has a systematic approach to monitoring and evaluation. We schedule monthly progress meetings to closely monitor the mentee’s development. These structured conversations give both the mentor and mentee an opportunity to discuss progress and make adjustments as needed. After six months, we repeat the initial assessment to evaluate the growth and development of the mentee. We do this every six months, with the ultimate goal that the mentee has reached a certain level of competence after two years. This is how he or she develops into a senior developer capable of working independently with a client.

Flexibility in the mentoring program

Our approach is very structured, but at the same time we are flexible. The program can be adapted to the individual needs and progress of the mentee. If a junior colleague shows insufficient growth, we can intensify the mentoring program. We then discuss the specific challenges the mentee is facing more frequently and look for ways to support and help him or her even better. Thus, we always look at the unique needs of each mentee.

Unique guidance: The goal of the mentoring program

At BPM Company, we go a step further than other consulting firms. In addition to a talent manager or executive responsible for career development and annual reviews, our mentoring program offers something extra. This program is specifically designed to facilitate and monitor seniority growth on top of the Pega CSSA certification. At the heart of the mentoring program is unique one-on-one mentoring. Each mentee is paired with a substantive senior colleague. This mentor shares specific, substantive (Pega) knowledge and skills, with the goal of developing the mentee into a full-fledged senior developer. This track enables our junior colleagues to delve into more complex aspects of Pega and expand their competencies so that they can eventually be deployed independently with a client. The goal is not only to develop our employees’ technical skills, but also to raise their seniority level. In this way, they become true leaders in their field.

Is a career at BPM Company for you?

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