Mies Versloot is a Pega System Architect in training at BPM Company. After completing a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics at the UvA, Mies was approached by BPM Company’s recruitment team. In this blog, Mies explains what made her decide to accept their offer, how she likes the training at BPM Company and why this experience is a valuable start to her career.

The bridge between a theoretical study and working life

I was approached by BPM Company’s recruitment team via LinkedIn shortly after earning my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics from the UvA. After my studies, which were mainly theoretical in nature, it was very valuable for me to start a two-month training course at BPM Company. My background in mathematics provided a good foundation, but I hadn’t really gotten a clear picture of what the business world looked like, as we weren’t specifically prepared for it during my studies. It is incredibly interesting to experience at BPM Company how business processes work and how I can contribute to them.

The training: self-study and on-site classes

The first month of training consisted mainly of self-study, lots of reading and assignments. There was a lot of contact between the participatns of the training, which allowed us to exchange a lot of experiences. The first month ended with an exam. In the second month of training, we also received on-site lessons from experienced professionals.

“It is incredibly interesting to experience at BPM Company how business processes work and how I can contribute to them.”

Mies Versloot

A positive work environment and contact with colleagues

BPM Company offers a lot of flexibility, during the training, but also afterwards: you can work in the office or at home, depending on your personal preferences and needs. The working environment at BPM Company is also very nice, especially since we moved to our new office. In the new office, it is easier to get in touch with all your colleagues, not only those of the Academy, but also with people who have been working at BPM Company for some time. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn from experienced colleagues. Everyone here is always open to help and give feedback, so you quickly bond with the team.

Ready for an assignment

Right now, I have completed the Pega System Architect training. The summer vacation is causing a bit of a delay, but soon I will get my first temporary assignment. In September I will actually start working for a client. I am curious to see what the future will bring.

Continuous learning and growth

At BPM Company, you are trained and introduced to the business world in a very structured way. It gives me every opportunity to see a lot, learn things from different colleagues and further develop my skills.

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