As International Women’s Day on the 8th of March approaches, we are putting the spotlight on some of our female Pega Developers. We asked five of them about their career, working at BPM Company and developing with Pega.

This year’s theme is “Inspire Inclusion.” How do you give shape to this in your work as a Pega specialist?

Sabrine: “As a female Business Analyst, I work side by side with a talented female developer and a dedicated female tester. Together we navigate through challenges, share insights and propel our projects forward with expertise and dedication. But it is important to emphasize that our success is not solely attributed to our gender; it is the collective effort of each individual on our diverse team. Still, it is valuable to share this with other women as well. As women, we understand the challenges and victories involved in our field. Together, we inspire not only each other, but also other women who are claiming their place in this industry.

Although our current project involves obstacles, our teamwork remains steadfast. We communicate well with each other and schedule regular office days to ensure that we are all on the same page and accessible. In addition, everyone on our team welcomes feedback openly. This creates an environment of mutual respect and collaboration, where everyone’s contributions are valued and celebrated, regardless of gender.”

What is your favorite part about working at BPM Company?

Annemiek: “I am very happy that BPM Company gave me the opportunity to specialize as a Pega System Architect. There is a lot of Pega knowledge within the company and there is always a colleague ready to answer or help with any of your questions. I also like the focus on quality and the possibility to work in different industries. Moreover, many (informal) activities are organized. Because we are an international company, you also come into contact with different cultures. In short, the combination of professional growth, nice colleagues, a lively culture and focus on quality makes me feel right at home at BPM Company.”

What drew you to work with Pega at BPM Company?

Alona: “While searching for a new challenge, matching criteria for me are efficiency, ability to be straightforward and mutual respect. With BPM Company it was immediately a 100% match. Right now, one and a half years later, I realize that BPM Company offers much more than that. The most significant thing for me is that I do feel heard. Never before I thought that it would have such an empowering effect and would make me a more productive professional.”

Marloes: “I have been working with Pega for a few years now, since it provides a very powerful low-code platform. It can fulfill the most diverse business requirements and can built applications in a relatively short time. To me, the way in which BPM Company invests in the knowledge of its employees drew me to work with this specific company. You are never done learning and at BPM Company I have been provided with all the tools and contacts to ensure I can develop myself each day to the fullest.”

What achievement or project in your career are you most proud of?

Rebecca: “I am most proud of the steep learning curve I have had over the last year that I have worked at BPM. I started my career as a Pega System Architect in training when I joined the BPM Company Academy. Coming from a social science background, it was not always easy to adapt to the more technical environment. Over the course of the year, I have grown into a full member of my team at the NWB. I have gained much knowledge and experience, so I can now provide much added value for the customer.”

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