As International Women’s Day on the 8th of March approaches, we are putting the spotlight on some of our female Pega Developers. We asked six of them about their career, working at BPM Company and developing with Pega.

What is your favorite part about working at BPM Company?

Laura Popovici: “It’s not just a favorite part, I like being part of BPM Company. There are lots of learning and development opportunities, both on the hard skills side as well as on the soft skills side. I also enjoy the life of an IT consultant. Due to the fact that BPM Company has several clients, we can do internal knowledge sharing in multiple ways. For example, we can learn from each other’s experiences accumulated on various projects. This is on top of all the other learning opportunities that are available on a specific project itself. Along with all these aspects of professional growth, we also have quite some fun events/activities together and we are multinational! Everyone is nice, fun, willing to help and open to inspiring ideas.”

Quote Pega Developer Laura: "Everyone at BPM Company is nice, fun, willing to help and open to inspiring ideas."

What drew you to work with Pega at BPM Company?

Ezgi Deveci: “As a woman working in the IT sector, one of the things that I am most proud of is that I know with all my heart and soul that my job has nothing to do with the gender. I really cherish this mentality of mine and I believe that the world would be a perfect place if everyone could break down their prejudice. So for my part, to achieve this goal, I am trying to do my best at my job each and every day. Let’s make the world a better place together without prejudice.”

Karen Messchendorp:  “I have worked in ICT for 28 years, of which the last 10 years at BPM Company as a Pega Business Analyst. One of the projects I’m really proud of is implementing Apple Pay at the Volksbank. While other banks already provided Apple Pay for a few years, the Volksbank started designing the process halfway through 2021. The reason I liked the project a lot, was because we built our solution with at least five different teams. All teams had their own discipline, but the teams worked very well together. My Pega team built the heart of the solution. When Apple Pay went live at the start of 2022, many customers were really happy they could finally use Apple Pay. And of course it is also very nice I can show the result of this project on my own Apple devices.”

What are your goals for the coming months/years?

Alona Nadieieva: “While searching for a new challenge, matching criteria for me are efficiency, ability to be straightforward and mutual respect. With BPM Company it was immediately a 100% match. Right now, 6 months later, I realize that BPM Company offers much more than that. The most significant thing for me is that I do feel heard. Never before I thought that it would have such an empowering effect and would make me a more productive professional.”

Marloes Lof: “I have been working with Pega for a few years now, since it provides a very powerful low-code platform. It can fulfill the most diverse business requirements and can built applications in a relatively short time. To me, the way in which BPM Company invests in the knowledge of its employees drew me to work with this specific company. You are never done learning and at BPM Company I have been provided with all the tools and contacts to ensure I can develop myself each day to the fullest.”

Quote Lisa: “BPM Company has helped me a lot in preparing for my System Architect certifications.”

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a career as a Pega developer?

Lisa Permatasari: “I have 6 years of experience with implementing Pega, where most of my Pega career has been me working as a Business Analyst. It was a very nice and challenging role, however, I wanted to explore myself as a more technical person. As my curiosity increased in the technical side of Pega grew, I challenged myself to transition into a Pega System Architect role with the help of BPM Company. To do this, one of the things I did was getting myself involved in defect investigations and fixes. Eventually, I took the System Architect exam and I have now been a Senior System Architect for 1.5 years.

BPM Company has helped me a lot in preparing for my certifications. The company provides multiple Special Interest Group (SIGs) for each individual to join and participate in. This encourages people to share their knowledge, as well as to contribute to internal application developments to enhance oneself and fellow employees. Furthermore, my co-workers, whether they are from the same project or not, are also very welcoming and ever so willing to help in any aspects. This really helps me, and I believe many others, to grow significantly as Pega Senior System Architect. ”

Currently, I look forward to enrich my technical knowledge on Pega by getting myself involved in internal application development. And, in the long-term, I will take up the challenge to get the Lead System Architect certifications.”

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