At BPM Company we help you to kickstart your IT career with our traineeships. Are you curious about what it is like to work at one of the leading companies in The Netherlands? In this interview, Julian Brouwer tells you all about his traineeship experience and his work as a Pega Specialist at Rabobank.

Julian, can you tell us a bit more about your educational background? What did you study?

“I studied Business IT & Management at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.”

A lot of students and graduates don’t always know what their next step is going to be after finishing their studies. Once he completed his studies, Julian joined our Pega traineeship. Here he got the chance to gain experience with low code while working at Rabobank, one of our biggest Pega clients.

What motivated you to choose BPM Company’s traineeship?

“I started my traineeship at BPM Company in 2021. After some previous experiences with low code during my bachelor, I was actually already very excited about low code. As a result, I was determined to do something with low-code software in my career. Shortly after finishing my studies, I received an offer from BPM Company to join their traineeship. This traineeship would give me the opportunity to learn Pega and gain practical experience at one of BPM Company’s customers. I would also be able to become an internal employee at that specific customer at the end of my traineeship. This sounded like a great opportunity! So, I took this opportunity and start my Pega journey.”

How did you experience your time at BPM Company?

“I received a warm welcome from my colleagues when I started the traineeship at BPM Company. From day one of my traineeship, I always felt like I was a part of the company.”

Our traineeships give young professionals a helping hand at the start of their careers. For Julian, this meant helping him get started with low-code software. In the first few weeks of his traineeship, Julian got his Pega CSA and CSSA certificates at our Academy. Next, he started working at the Rabobank and gain practical experience with Pega.

How did it feel to become part of a team of Pega Specialists?

“You don’t really know what to expect at first. Luckily, my teammates at Rabobank gave me a warm welcome. Still, in the beginning, it takes some time to figure things out. However, once you get used to things, you really start to grow as a Pega Specialist even more.”

Which client of BPM Company did you decide to work for?

“I had the option to work with various clients, but I chose to start working at Rabobank. I have been part of their Maple team since October 2021, where for the first year I was a Pega Specialist from BPM Company. At the end of my traineeship, I became an internal employee of Rabobank. So, these days I am still a part of the same Maple team at Rabobank, but then as an internal employee.”

What are the challenges you face as a specialist on Pega projects?

“Personally, I struggled with bringing the theory I learned during the first few weeks into practice. As a result, I found it challenging to get started at Rabobank once I got my certificates. Luckily, the support offered by BPM Company and the advice from my colleagues helped me to bridge this gap. The theoretical foundation you create during the traineeship and the support from BPM Company, serve as a great starting point for your career as Pega Specialist. So, although it was challenging, I had a lot of fun tackling this challenge thanks to BPM Company and my colleagues!”

Julian completed his traineeship in November 2022. He is now ready to continue his career as a Pega Specialist at Rabobank. We are sure he still has much to do and discover on his Pega journey!

What ambitions as a Pega Specialist do you have that you want to fulfill?

“In my current position as Junior Pega Specialist, I just want to grow in my role as a developer. The possibilities of Pega are endless. So, I want to spend as many hours as I can discovering all Pega has to offer and gaining as much experience as possible. I hope to quickly raise my skills and knowledge to a medior level. Once I have achieved this, I will see where the future brings me!”

Do you also want to work as a Pega Specialist at one of the leading companies in the Netherlands, just like Julian? Well, what are you waiting for? Join the club! We are always looking for new and ambitious colleagues.

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