In this monthly column ‘interview with a colleague’ one of our consultants tells a bit more about themselves and their work at our company. This week you will meet Arjan Wiegman, Lead Business Architect at BPM Company.

What did you study?

Economics & Computer Science at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

When did you start at BPM and what motivated you to work here?

I started in 2014. What motivated me to come work here is that BPM Company is a company where people are approachable. In addition, the fact that there is a general sense of belonging really appealed to me.

What clients have you worked for?

I have now worked for many clients, including; Rabobank, Transavia, Dictu, DMG, Booking, and Vivat. I am currently working at Rabobank again.

How does BPM Company currently support you in your professional development?

BPM Company supports me by making sure I can do the trainings I want or need. In addition, I have a manager who helps me develop and grow personally.

How do you assess work-life balance?

Very well, in addition to your normal commitment, there are Special Interest Groups (SIG). These are guilds around a particular topic in which participants share an above-average interest. These are facilitated from BPM Company. Also, every employee gets development days that you can use if you want to attend trainings, so you don’t have to do these things entirely in your own time, which is the case with many secondment companies.

What are the strongest points of BPM Company?

I think the strongest points of this company are the brand, the accessibility of the people and the overall quality of the employees.

For what period of your life do you think BPM Company is a good company to apply to?

I think any time is a good time to apply to BPM Company. As long as you are someone who is committed and also focused on learning and doing the right thing, then you are someone who fits here.

What are the challenges for you as a consultant on Pega projects?

The biggest challenge lies in the fact that expectations are sometimes too high, which makes “stakeholder management” difficult. This means that sometimes a good project still leaves people disappointed just because the bar was too high in the first place. Fortunately, we are getting better at this though!

What was the best team for the projects you worked on and why? What was special?

My best team was “Lego”. This was mainly because of the very high quality of the people on the team. Working in such a strong team led to great project results, but also made me a better professional.

What are the events in a regular month as a BPM employee?

We always do something fun events, for example we all go on winter sports in Austria or a BBQ with all colleagues.

What does a regular, good, and bad work day look like for you?

An ordinary day for me mainly consists of meetings, a lot of writing ‘requirements’ and performing analyses. The best days are when we brainstorm difficult problems as a team. The worst days are when you get new important ‘requirements’ while you have already started implementing them.

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