Until the beginning of this year, you could find BPM Company’s office in Zeist. About a month ago we moved to Utrecht for various reasons. In this blog, Hans Steenwijk, Corporate Recruiter at BPM Company, explains why we moved, how we like our new ‘home’ and how it contributes to our corporate culture.

Easier commute

A month and a half ago we moved our Dutch office from Zeist to Utrecht. We gave up the beautiful little park in front of our door, but we got a lot in return. Our new ‘home’ is a lot easier to get to. Not only are we a stone’s throw away from the A12 freeway, but the bus and tram stop every few minutes in front of the door. Super convenient for all those colleagues who like to travel by public transport.


Of course, better accessibility is a plus, but therewere more reasons to move. We’ve experienced nice growth recently, and if you look at the number of vacancies, we don’t expect that growth to come to a halt anytime soon. That in itself calls for a larger space. But there’s something else on top of that. Clients almost all work on a hybrid basis, which means that our consultants work at the clients office some days a week and some days remotely. That can be from home, of course, but our employees almost always prefer to work in the office. We also want to give those colleagues and their project teams a nice place to work. The fact that, in addition to the workstations, we now have room for a foosball table and a Playstation 5 is, of course, a nice touch.

Foto groep mensen die potje tafelvoetbal spelen tijdens pauze bij BPM Company

A game of foosball during lunch break

Good vibe

In our office in De Drommedaris in Utrecht, everything is fresh, new and at ground level. That adds to the good vibe that was already there in our team. What I personally like are the open office spaces. In Zeist we mainly worked in cubicles, here everything is open and spacious. That creates transparency, but also makes communicating with other departments much more accessible. Now if I need something from Yves, my marketing colleague, for example, I can shout it to him, so to speak.

Team spirit

At BPM Company, we value a strong team spirit and a positive work culture. We find it important to also undertake activities outside working hours that contribute to team solidarity and cohesion. For example, every year we organize a joint ski trip. We also regularly have other social events, such as the famous vrijmibo. The fact that the office is always busiest on Fridays says enough about how fun that is. Last month we had a sporty team outing that included an XXL Mikado game and a skippy ball race at the Adventure Factory in Loosdrecht. We value these kinds of joint activities. It’s fun to do and creates a real team spirit.

Groepsfoto van collega's op springevent

Photo of the winning team at our Spring Event

Personal, sincere and transparent

I have been working at BPM Company for more than three years now. I came from a larger organization where the focus was mainly on financial drivers. Of course, BPM Company is also a commercial company where money has to be made, but here there is also plenty of room and attention for the human perspective. A value that – at least for me – is very important. We work for about a third of our lives. Chances are you see your colleagues more often than your friends, which is why it’s essential to have good chemistry with each other and show genuine interest in each other. That we as a personal, sincere and transparent company have experienced such beautiful growth in recent years makes me proud.

Apply where you feel at home

At BPM Company, you and your interests, talents, and ambitions take center stage. We pay extra attention to this during the application process. That way, we can both check whether the match is right and you are in the right place with us.

Working at BPM Company is working where you feel at home. Would you like to be part of our club of driven and ambitious professionals? Check out our vacancies, we always have room for enthusiastic talent!

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