On July 13, we organized for the second time a meeting for current and former trainees of BPM Company. A great moment to see each other again and continue to invest in each other’s knowledge, development, and experience.

Presentations on PegaWorld and GenAI

The networking reception got off to a good start from our new office in Utrecht. The evening began in an informal atmosphere while enjoying a snack and a drink, after which the evening kicked off with a presentation on the highlights of PegaWorld iNspire 2023. The trainees were told the latest news around GenAI, the autonomous enterprise, and process mining. The second presentation of the evening delved deeper into generative AI. Under the guidance of Pega Developer Bo van Ommen, the trainees discussed how GenAI affects their work as Pega Developer and the future of GenAI within the Pega platform.

Sharing experiences

The trainees had the opportunity to interact and exchange experiences later in the evening. In groups, the trainees shared their experiences, challenges and success stories as Pega Developer. A great opportunity to get to know each other better and exchange experiences in an informal setting. The evening ended with a joint dinner.

Kickstart your Pega career in our Academy

We prepare you with an extensive training package to become a Pega Specialist during your Pega traineeship at BPM Company. Within 2 months you will obtain your CSA and CSSA certificates in our Academy, after which you will start working as a Pega Developer at one of our clients. We will guide and coach you while you are working at the customer. This is how we ensure that you make an impact as a Pega Specialist at leading organizations.

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