At BPM Company, we believe it is important to continuously improve and optimize our services and processes. For example, we recently worked hard to harmonize our practices and pool best practices. The goal? To make our customers happy with even better solutions. In this blog, Sabrine, Senior Business Analyst, explains how we did it.

The four steps of the Pega Express

BPM Company is an implementation partner of Pegasystems. Our mission is to make organizations digitally future-proof. As far as we are concerned, Pega is the perfect platform for that. Pega uses Pega Express™, a design-oriented and efficient delivery approach based on Pega’s low-code solution and scrum methodologies. The Pega Express methodology consists of four phases: Discover, Prepare, Build and Adopt. Each phase has its own set of activities and focal points.

Streamlining approach

Our own BPM Express methodology is based on that Pega Express delivery approach. But every customer is unique and requires a customized approach. That’s why we are constantly honing our methods, based on learnings from previous projects. We’ve been very busy with that in 2023. We want our Pega solutions to be optimally aligned with the high BPM standards we set. That’s why we collected and compiled all the best practices from both our business analysts and our system architects.

BPM Accelerator

All of this has culminated in the BPM Accelerator. The BPM Accelerator is still based on the four phases of the Pega Express methodology. But to this we have now added our own best practices. These can be templates, practices or other tools.

In practice

Let me give a concrete example. In the Discover phase of a project, we define the scope. In practice, we found that, especially on larger projects, there was still room for interpretation and miscommunication after the scope for the project was defined. We identified success factors and potential stumbling blocks. We combined these elements into a best practice. This way, we arrive at a much tighter project definition and there is much less noise during project execution.

A continuous process of improvement

In early 2024, we started implementing the BPM Accelerator. The basics are in place, but of course it is a continuous process of development and refinement. We constantly keep our finger on the pulse to see where improvements can be made. In this way, we can make each project even more efficient and we keep making great strides forward as an organization, together with our clients. That makes working at BPM Company always fascinating.

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