Stefan Weijgertse – Pega System Architect at Rabobank

It’s time! After obtaining my Pega certificates and having worked at Rabobank for a year, my traineeship at BPM Company is over. I have now officially made the transition to Rabobank as a Pega Software Engineer. It’s remarkable how life can turn out, especially when you consider that I graduated as an Archaeologist from Leiden University about a year and a half ago.

And the match with Pega is…

Until about a year and a half ago, I had never heard of Pega, so how did I end up here? About my background: During my Master’s degree in Digital Archeology I graduated on Agent-Based models – complex information systems that simulate (human) behavior. In addition, during my studies I also did a lot of board work, including as chairman of my study association.

After finishing my studies, I was approached with the question whether a future in Pega might be something for me. Working with this platform would potentially connect well with my affinity with IT and the board experience I gained. Even though I had never heard of Pega before, the conversations immediately made me enthusiastic and interested. Not much later my traineeship started.

Just put the knowledge in it

Before you start as a trainee at the customer, you will spend at least two months getting to know Pega. This by obtaining your Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) and Pega Certified Senior System Architect (PCSSA) certificates. There is really only one way to do this successfully: stomp! Fortunately, you get good guidance. In addition, I started at the same time as two fellow trainees so that we could help each other during the process. You will be introduced to many new terms and concepts, which fortunately gain more and more context the more flying hours you make as a developer.

My sweet spot at Rabobank

I think the skills you need as a Pega Developer can vary a lot per client. Because BPM Company offers a traineeship with different customers, it is possible that people with different knowledge, background and experiences can join. I myself started working as a developer at Rabobank. An organization that I also consciously chose. Rabobank is extremely interesting as a Pega trainee, partly because the organization has a very intensive partnership with Pegasystems. I have found exactly the sweet spot within Rabobank where technical knowledge and skills as well as social and managerial skills are important.

This traineeship program is highly recommended!

I am very happy that I was asked for this traineeship a year and a half ago and where I am at the moment. And what does my future look like? No idea, but at the moment I am satisfied and believe that further expanding my technical knowledge and skills is the right path. I have already noticed that Rabobank is an organization where many opportunities are offered to deepen and broaden yourself. For example, I have temporarily filled the position of Product Owner within my own team in his absence and I regularly make trips to other technologies and systems that are necessary for our own application to work properly. So whether the future lies more in the technical or business domain, or both, expanding my technical knowledge and skills as a Pega Software Engineer at the moment gives me the confidence that I will be here in the future – whatever it may bring – a lot. will benefit from.

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