There you are. You saw this moment so many times in your dreams. And there it is: the end of the post-traineeship period. The moment to be released, this time completely, into the office garden where the grass is a different colour. The epic that started at BPM Company enters a new era.

Change of perception

You are preparing for a radical change, because this is part and parcel of changing employers. Chances are, however, that your colleagues will not suddenly change identities and you will still get to keep your reserved flex spot. What may change, however, is your perception of the prevailing company culture.

The period at BPM Company is your first introduction to the work you will be doing, where you will be (virtually) surrounded by like-minded people. The ambitious learning culture that prevails sets the tone for being a good employer and, with a bit of luck, you will experience a barbecue, a winter sports holiday and an unparalleled Christmas drink. That leaves a deep impression.

The first period

Then there are the first few months when you start working for a new employer under the tutelage of BPM Company. A potentially difficult journey with mountains and valleys, because this is where you have to show that you are growing as a person and as a Pega developer. With every success, as well as every setback, you become more part of the future organisation.

Basically, however, you are still ‘Pending-Approval’ with the future client organisation, while you are practically accepted into the family by BPM Company. There is always some uncertainty as to whether you may actively cuddle with the new employer after the first few months. Sometimes this is due to your own personality, sometimes to your performance and sometimes to the effects of the culinary horror markets in south-central China.

Standing on your own two feet

Then, once the time comes and you are accepted, the net of BPM Company falls away. This can lead to an employer expecting you to conform to different norms and values. You may also realise through this that your perception of the prevailing corporate culture was actually that of a hybrid corporate culture. Fortunately, this will rarely be a radical change, but it may still surprise you.

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