A day not learned is a day not lived.
This is something we strongly believe in at BPM Company.
Learning and development is something that is also essential for many ICT workers. It contributes to personal development and also increases your market value. Anyone who does not acquire new knowledge as a ICT person will quickly fall behind.
For this reason, Bo van Ommen opted for employment with BPM Company 6 months ago. In this blog he takes you through his experiences at the company so far.

Pioneers of Pega
BPM Company has been one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands for years. The reason for this strong growth is the strong focus on knowledge and quality that the company has. BPM Company was the first Pega implementation partner in the Netherlands in 2011 and is therefore a pioneer in this field. In addition, they offer young ICT workers the opportunity to develop and specialize themselves in the field of Pega.
The latter was the reason for Bo to choose BPM Company: “I graduated from the Hogescool Utrecht at the beginning of this year, with the degree: Business IT & Management. After that I started looking for a suitable job. I had many job interviews, including one at BPM Company. I was initially not familiar with Pega, but I saw this as a challenge and something that seemed very interesting to me. I am not a die-hard code knocker, but I do enjoy gaining experience in that area and working with these types of platforms. In that respect, the fact that we work with low-code platforms really appealed to me. Besides this, the thing that really convinced me were the possibilities that were outlined to me and the way to constantly develop yourself within this company. That really was an important motivation for me. The combination of working with the low-code platform Pega and continuing to challenge and develop myself within the organization appealed to me so much at the time that I thought: this is what I want ”

Development and training
BPM Company has been the authority in the field of Pega for years and is also the first Pega gold partner in the Netherlands. In addition, the company also tries to distinguish itself in the field of training. Much emphasis is placed on training policy and all employees are therefore given an individual learning budget. This ensures that BPM Company really trains people to become the ultimate Pega expert. According to Bo, this is also something that sets BPM Company apart from the rest: “Something that strengthened me in my choice for BPM Company is the fact that you spend the first months internally to certify yourself. There are also other companies that work with low-code platforms and work with certifications, but that is often with a certification from the organization itself. The fact that you actually become Pega certified here made it even more interesting. Apart from that, it was mainly the opportunities that you have to grow within this company. I am still young and have just left school. Therefore, I do not want to choose a job where I will be doing exactly the same work in 10 years time. I want to keep developing myself and keep growing. Fortunately, BPM company offers me those possibilities. ”

New HR System
The strong focus on the development and growth of employees at BPM Company has recently led to the introduction of a new HR system. With this system, the company takes a structural look at the development of employees with the intention to develop them to a higher level. This is done by means of a performance management system, in which employees work on both soft and hard skills development by having frequent and mutual conversations about this. This enables employees to grow to a higher level in a short time. Moreover, this often leads to long-term cooperation in which both employer and employee function optimally and can get the best out of themselves and each other.
Bo: “For me personally, this new HR system really has added value. In consultation, a personal plan is drawn up indicating which soft skills and hard skills are necessary to be able to continue to develop myself in the coming years. This is very important to me. BPM Company already offered the possibilities for training, certifications and an individual learning budget, but less attention was payed to the growth that you also want to experience as a person. This new system provides an extra dimension because it is also clearly documented which soft skills are required.”

All this contributes to BPM Company’s ambition as a company. BPM Company does not want to become the largest, but the best in the field of Pega. Something that Bo can also agree with on a personal level: “I started as a Pega developer just over six months ago, and I still have a lot to learn. I notice that I am now taking (small) steps forward and that I am able to work more and more independently. At the moment my goal is to become more skilled with Pega itself and thereby deliver value to BPM Company and the customer. Ultimately, I want to become a full-fledged Pega developer who can work independently and really solve the difficult issues for the customer. That is something I am working towards, step by step ”

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