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Working in IT: nerdy or trendy?

A dark workspace full of servers, cables and screens. And bespectacled young men busy working on codes. Among some people, this image of the IT department still stubbornly persists. But is it accurate? “You work with computers, right? Mine isn’t [...]

February | 2020|

The Business-IT gap is Alive and Kicking

Now that the hype around the Business-IT gap died down, it looks like the issue has been solved. No, the gap is still there and it will never go away. Is this a bad thing? I don’t think so, but [...]

December | 2019|

To What Extent Are Requirements and Specifications Useful?

During Model-Driven Development projects the question often arises as to why we should document the requirements and specifications. As business owners easily understand the model used during model driven development, it diminishes miscommunication between business and IT professionals. Therefore it [...]

September | 2019|
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