Creative brainstorming with your customer until late in the evening, eating pizza in between and convincing the same customer of the possibilities that artificial intelligence offers. That doesn’t really sound like an average IT job. Yet for Vincent van der Bijl, consultant at BPM Company, it is one of the many opportunities that working at BPM Company offers him.

Vincent’s background is in the financial sector, but the IT world has always drawn him. For example, he learned to program during his studies and gradually discovered that his passion lies with innovative technology. A passion that brought him to BPM Company. He now works here with the low code software from Pega. “This is not just programming, but puzzling, configuring and programming all in one. Finding the right building blocks together until you have found the best solution, ”explains Vincent.

Immediately applicable artificial intelligence

The strength of Pega is their BPM software, but in recent years they have also increasingly focused on innovative techniques. Immediately applicable artificial intelligence (AI) is a good example of this. Vincent was therefore very enthusiastic when he could carry out an AI project for a customer: “I had to work hard for that in the beginning. My perseverance was rewarded and after a few months at BPM Company I got that chance. I really appreciate the trust and the freedom that I get in this project. ”

Step one in this project was to understand the company. Familiarize yourself with their processes, data and of course the current Pega application. After that, it became really interesting. How do you ensure that you create an AI use case together with the customer that directly adds value? And something that everyone supports? The latter is crucial to make such a project a success. After getting acquainted with the business, a brainstorming session was therefore organized with the management. “It was really cool to do,” says Vincent. “Because the management team was present, I was able to convince them not only of the opportunities of AI, but also to secure the project. It was nice to see their enthusiasm grow during the evening. In fact, they got so excited that we continued with a pizza late into the evening to get all the ideas on the table. ”

Choose from 160 ideas

160 ideas followed from this session, all of which solved an existing customer problem. An important condition, because that is the only wat you can directly add value with artificial intelligence. However, implementing 160 ideas is of course not realistic.

The trick was therefore to arrive at a use case that adds as much value as possible with as little effort as possible. That is why all ideas were tested on two points: business value and technical feasibility. The test on business value lay with the customer, Vincent took care of the technical feasibility. Three conditions were important in this case. First of all, the necessary data had to be available, the scenario had to fit within the current Pega application and – not unimportantly – the idea had to be technically feasible.

And this is exactly where the project is now. The assessment is completed and the winner is selected from all use cases. Then it is time for the next phase: actually implement the case. To summarize; an innovative project that is illustrative for working at BPM Company. Vincent: “It is great to work at the intersection of business and technology, with projects that include everything: freedom, responsibility and innovation. That means that I have never regretted my choice for BPM Company. ”

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