What is Mendix?

Mendix is a leading low-code software platform with which you can develop applications.
Mendix uses modelling, in which it differs from traditional development.

Why Mendix?

As Mendix is less technical than traditional development, you can develop a lot faster. That also allows you to focus more on design and functionality.

Low-code development is the future. Gartner and Forrester predict that 50% of all companies will be developing their applications this way in 2020.

How do you work with Mendix at BPM Company?

Mendix requires a lot of interaction with business. Therefore, as a Mendix consultant, you are always closely involved in translating the client’s needs to a suitable solution. So there is a lot of room for your own creativity.

As a Mendix business engineer, you can move up to expert level within a few years. As a generalist, you are a solution architect and as a specialist you can focus on UI/UX, Cloud, DevOps or a role as a Technical Lead.

In addition to working on client-specific applications in projects, you also have the option to work on new innovative applications. BPM Company offers these applications to its clients from a SaaS model.

Curious? Care to try Mendix out yourself?

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