Just like when we are connecting our electronic equipment, it is important to check whether the plug is connected to the correct power network. If not, there will be a short circuit and the entire device will no longer function.
This also applies at work. It is important that there is a good match between your own core values and the core values of your company or employer. If these do not fit properly, the tension between them will prevent optimal functioning on both sides.
For a well-functioning employee it is important that he fits in the corporate culture in which he works and that he feels comfortable with the atmosphere that prevails there. Bram Agterberg joined BPM Company in August and takes you through the corporate culture based on BPM Company’s core values.

Trusted relationships
BPM Company is focused on creating long-term relationships and mutual trust. This is something Bram also quickly discovered: “The first thing I noticed when I started working here is the trust and confidence you get from your work environment. Working as a starting Pega specialist can sometimes be difficult and challenging, and you will often run into things. In those moments it is nice when you feel the trust from your employer and get the time to learn things. After a few months I was already given the space and freedom to make my own choices and decisions. That is something I personally find very important and what the company really stands for. ”

Quality Driven
In order to function optimally as a company, it is important that the employees get the best out of themselves, but certainly also out of eachother. Together we get more done and we can push each other to great heights. Besides from that it improves the quality of the products or services that are provided. Therefore, much is focused on the self-development of the employee and his motivation to (continue to) grow. In addition to this, working at BPM Company is very educational and challenging. Something that attracted Bram from the start. “That challenge in my work is really something I was looking for. I think being on autopilot too much isn’t good for anyone. At this moment I am becoming more and more independent, but of course you keep having a lot of questions as a starting Pega consultant. Fortunately, that help and guidance is also offered from BPM Company. In addition, working with Pega presents many challenges and there are certain situations that you sometimes cannot solve. At those times you need someone like your employer or supervisor who stimulates you and tries to get the best out of you. At such times I got that very much from my supervisor, Mark Overduin. If someone pushes and motivates you in such a way, you get so much more done. Apart from that it also provides the best end results for the customer, which is of course the ultimate goal. ”

Passion for Innovation
BPM Company stands for quality, passion for its work and commitment to its customers. The company has a passion for improving business processes through innovative technology. The company shares this passion with Bram: “The most interesting thing about my work is mainly working with a software package that makes software development super fast. You are therefore very innovative. Working together as a team to help a customer with software that has real added value and to quickly deliver applications is the best thing there is. I also believe that the future of development lies here. Especially for the larger companies. ”

Sustainable solutions
Helping customers by providing support with their digital transformation and making them digitally future-proof is what BPM Company specializes in. The development of sustainable solutions together with customers is paramount. In addition, Pega as a platform also focuses a lot on innovation and new developments.
“These are things that I work on a daily basis and is what I like to realize for customers. For me, a sustainable solution is something that has a long shelf life and will keep existing for a long time. In addition, it is something that can be well preserved with reasonably little effort and little cost. Future-proof is perhaps the most important word here, ”says Bram.

Work hard and have fun
BPM Company works hard where necessary, but there is also plenty of time for fun. The right relationship between these is important to keep productivity high among employees and to ensure a good working atmosphere. Bram: “I think the balance between work and having fun should be good. Sometimes you just have to clear your head to be able start your work again with a fresh look at things. The non-work related outings are ideal for getting to know people in a slightly different way. At these moments you are more likely to discuss certain topics that you might not be able to discuss as quickly at work ” The annual trips, drinks, dinners and many other activities that the company organizes symbolize the atmosphere that the company likes to radiate. These activities and initiatives vary from year to year, but always remain nonetheless.
“I also remember that colleagues once participated in a running race. That was not even organized by BPM but simply by those colleagues. So there is also always room to take such initiatives. ”

In the case of Bram and BPM company, there is clearly a good fit. This is the foundation necessary for success and prevents “short circuit”. This allows for long-term cooperation in which both employer and employee function optimally and can get the best out of themselves.

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