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For years Pega has been a leading player in the field of (Dynamic) Case Management, both Gartner and Forrester refer to Pega as a leader and visionary in the field of Business Process Management and Customer Relationship Management.

The powerful low-code Cloud-based Pega Platform gives you the ability to quickly build and expand applications without writing complex code, also referred to by our consultants as a giant box with building blocks because of all its functionalities. Pega distinguishes itself by their ‘Unified Architecture’ meaning that all the Platform’s functionalities are based on the same technology so whether it’s decisioning, process automation, customer service, robotics or AI, it’s all accessible in the same platform – what does this mean? Endless possibilities is what it means.

As a Pega consultant you are both developing as well as configuring, the Pega Designer Studio allows you to visually build your applications. This way you can create real added value by quickly improving your customers core processes.

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Pega web interface platform


Mendix interface platform

Medix is a low-code platform which differs considerably from traditional development. It’s a lot less technical and you can develop much faster, giving you more time to focus on the design and functionality of the application. This means more interaction with the business, more involvement translating your customer needs to a suitable solution, more added value.

The options for low-code technology today are at such a level that it’s widely applicable. By using a central model mobile solutions as well as portal apps can be built. Currently the most common applications are workflow optimization, operational processes and customer-oriented applications for service offerings. In additions to customer-specific applications, we build reusable components that are offered in a SaaS model.

As a Mendix consultant there is a lot of room for your input and your creativity, you bring the added value to your customers. As a Mendix business engineer you can grow to an expert level within a few years, as a generalist you are the solution architect and as a specialist you can focus on domains such as UX/UI, Dev Ops or a Technical Lead.

Low-code developing is the future, Gartner and Forrester predict that 50% of all companies will develop their applications this way in 2020.

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