Contribute to our growth

As we strive to expand our position as a Pega partner, your active contribution to our visibility and growth will create new project opportunities. After all, the greater our reach and team, the more we can do for our customers and you as a professional.

Rewards that fits your needs

Because we recognize the importance of your contribution and want to offer everyone a suitable incentive, we have gone one step further this time. View the options below!

Our eternal gratitude

In addition to the incentive, you will of course also receive our gratitude. Your commitment to finding exceptional talent is vital to our shared success.

How It Works

Find candidates that match the current vacancies

Tips & Tricks


Ensure an up-to-date profile and connect with Pega professionals.

Check LinkedIn

Social Media

Share BPM Company content and create your own related content.

Explore Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn of BPM Company

Direct contact

Maintain contact with Pega colleagues at client organizations.

Which incentive do you choose?

If your proposed candidate is invited for a job interview, you will receive a dinner voucher worth €200,-. Once your referral has been hired and the probationary period has been completed, you can choose from one of the incentives below:

1. A complete playseat

Unleash your ultimate racing experience through BPM Company! Get top talent and race away with a brand new play seat – the ultimate gaming chair for the experienced gamer. Combine job satisfaction with high-performance racing, let the competition begin.

2. Overnight stay & dinner for two

In the beautiful Mergelland with its vast meadows, beautiful hills and authentic villages, the Brute Lodges are within walking distance of restaurant Brut 172. Enjoy the beautiful landscape, relax in the hotel and receive an unprecedented culinary experience during the star dinner.

3. €2.000,- gross

Discover the recruiter in you and earn a bonus of up to €2000,- gross! Recruit top talent for BPM Company and not only strengthen our team, but also your wallet. Give free rein to your recruiting power, bring in the perfect candidate and spend this success on… whatever you want.