Who we are

As a Dutch knowledge & quality market leader in Pega, we have a passion for digitizing business processes with the innovative Pega platform. We have good long-term relationships with clients in various fields.

Together with them, we develop sustainable software solutions and thus contribute to their digital future. We distinguish ourselves through an above-average focus on quality and achieve this by fully facilitating and guiding our colleagues to become the best-developed Pega specialists.

We are a driven group of hard workers, but we think it is just as important to pay attention to each other and to make time for fun.


Why you are needed

MKB Brandstof offers the best fuel card and charge card in the Netherlands for every entrepreneur and self-employed person. All costs of refueling, charging and parking on one invoice. But of course that doesn’t happen automatically. Thanks in part to Pega, they make all this possible for their users. To develop this, MKB Brandstof and BPM Company have jointly designed a special traineeship for a selective group of starters.

This is your impact

You will work in an Agile project team at MKB Brandstof. Thanks to your Pega certificates that you have obtained within our academy, you will immediately put your skills into practice in this team. As a result, you will quickly develop into a certified Pega System Architect who is busy solving complex technical issues on a daily basis.

But you are too

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You bring this

  • An HBO/WO IT education
  • An absolute passion for business processes
  • Experience and affinity with programming
  • A drive to develop yourself and others and to share knowledge
  • Proactive go-getter who goes for it 100%

But you are also…

You are eager to learn and looking for challenges and complex issues in which you can make an impact. Self-development in your own time and during work is very important to you. This makes you eager to learn and you want to continuously broaden your knowledge and learn new things.

you deserve this

  • Attractive salary from day one
  • An extensive onboarding programme complete with certifications
  • Getting started with cool technology
  • Personal development plan with tools and content guidance
  • Part of a project team where you can get started right away
  • A permanent appointment with many career opportunities at MKB Brandstof

Application procedure

Within 15 days from applying to congratulating:

"The possibilities to smartly and efficiently develop scalable customer-oriented applications with Pega and to easily integrate them with other systems is the reason why I am a Pega Consultant!"