After nine years in project management at a large IT company, Anique Wilmer wanted to focus more on people development within an organization. BPM Company saw potential in her profile and since early 2023 she has been our Talent Manager. The combination with a role as project manager gives her the opportunity to be involved both professionally and with people. In this blog, Anique tells us what this job in this company brings her.

Challenging start

I worked for nine years in project management at a large IT service provider. In the last six months, it became increasingly clear that I wanted to make the switch to line and talent management. Being involved with the people side and the development of people attracted me enormously. BPM Company saw enough leads in my profile and I was approached for the role of Talent Manager. The interviews were so positive that I gladly accepted the role. It was a challenging start, I was directly responsible for 28 people. I learned a lot from this and discovered that this role was tailor-made for me. In August, I was asked to jump into a gap that had arisen on one of our projects. Whether I wanted to take on the role of project manager – in addition to my existing role. With my nine years of experience in project management, this felt like a great addition to me. That way, in addition to my focus on developing our talents, I could also be involved in the field.

BPM Company’s open corporate culture

Everyone here really has a passion for the Pega platform, including the management. You can easily go to the director if you have a question or idea. This love for the profession is made visible in many ways. From the monthly lunch presentations that employees volunteer to give on topics that fascinate them to the senior meet-ups for in-depth conversations about the field. There is a lot of focus on Pega training opportunities as well as personal development. As Talent Manager, I am the first point of contact for employees to keep my finger on the pulse.

Development and guidance

At BPM Company, there is a dedicated Talent Manager for everyone, who is always available. We work with an annual cycle for personal development, establishing a personal compass with short- and long-term goals at the beginning of each year. It is important that these goals stem from the employees’ own motivations. Some people are more ambitious than others, and that is a good thing. Above all, goals must be realistic and achievable. Everyone gets the necessary support in his or her own unique path.

Work-life balance

We actively support our employees in finding a healthy work-life balance. We have structural meetings with each employee every month to check how they are doing. Are they still comfortable in their own skin? How do they want to develop further? How do they feel about their assignment? What do they need for their personal learning goals. What I also find really noteworthy in this regard is that we very deliberately organize training and sessions during working hours, so that employees have to do less in their own time.

Innovation and creativity

Employees at BPM Company have plenty of opportunities to be innovative and creative. It is easy to pitch an idea to management, who are always open to it. In addition, we organize monthly knowledge sessions during lunch, and from 2024 we will start Practice Leads who will act as catalysts in the field of innovation and uniform ways of working. Our YoungBPM initiative offers young professionals the chance to organize activities, for which we provide a budget. This is particularly aimed at connecting with each other.

Future prospects

The future at BPM Company looks promising. We currently have three outlined career paths, but we are always looking for new ways to provide services. These ideas often come from our employees themselves. For example, some colleagues who are passionate about AI have developed a demo that they will present to clients this year. This could grow into a new career path, born of employee initiative.

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