Your next challenge: Pegasystems

Is business or management and IT the basis of your studies? Then you are perfect for optimising business processes by building smart software solutions. Do you also get excited about the latest technologies and innovations used for this purpose? Then Pega is just your thing!

Foto Junior Pega Developer
Academy Junior Pega Developer BPM Company

Get your edge with us

Organisations are looking for talented Pega specialists. Do you want to get started with Pega? Then you must have the right papers. That’s only logical because you’ll be working at the heart of the organisation.

You can obtain these certificates via our in-house BPM Company Academy. Our experienced professionals will help you, so that knowledge and experience are directly applied in your training. This gives you a head start in your career.

Why you should choose our traineeship

  • An attractive salary and good terms of employment from the start

  • Extensive onboarding programme complete with Pega certifications

  • Personal development plan with tools and content guidance

  • Part of a community of experienced Pega Specialists who will teach all you need to know

  • Getting started with innovative technology

“At BPM Company, you determine the direction of your own personal and professional development. Your wishes and ambition are central.”

Maarten is Talent Manager at BPM Company