The next opportunity in your career: Pegasystems

The impact that successful software solutions have on business processes is enormous. With your experience, you know this better than anyone. But you also know how difficult it can be to realise new applications in existing, complex IT landscapes. Well, that is a thing of the past with Pegasystems. Thanks to the unique possibilities of this platform, which works with the newest software technologies, as a Pega developer you will be able to make great strides right away.

Get a head start and your certificates

Organisations are looking for talented Pega specialists. Are you going to work with Pega? Then you must have the right papers. That’s only logical because you’ll be working at the heart of the company. With us, you arrange your Pega certificates via the in-house BPM Company Academy. Our experienced professionals will help you, so that knowledge and experience are directly applied in your training. This gives you an immediate head start on your first project.

The diversity of BPM Company

If you apply your knowledge as a consultant at BPM Company, you will work on different projects at various companies. Because we have a rich customer base in various industries, you can develop and apply your knowledge in a broad way. What interests you, and where will you make the difference as a knowledge expert or specialist in our Pega practice?

Activities with impact

Put people with similar interests together and success and fun will follow! That is why we have monthly activities, presentations and workshops on the agenda. So that you can share knowledge and insights and find inspiration for new success. Would you like to attend one of our open events?

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CareersBPMCompany Maarten

“From the first day I worked here, I’ve been given the space to develop myself and the opportunity to realise my ambitions.”

Maarten joined BPM Company in 2013 and is a Managing Consultant

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