Do you have “IT” in you?

For a select group of starters, we have room for a learning-on-the-job experience. You will be given the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Pega technology with tools and experts who will support you in this.

Start with the customer…

You will work in one of the project teams at our clients such as Rabobank, DMG, MKB Brandstof, LeasePlan, Transavia or DICTU, where you can immediately put your knowledge and skills into practice.

With the right papers…

On this trajectory, you’ll develop at breakneck speed into a certified Pega System Architect who is occupied daily with solving complex technical issues and automating business processes.

Start working for our customer as a Pega specialist in 14 months:

Cool… but is Pega for me?

Did business or management and IT form the basis of your studies? Then you are perfect for optimising business processes by building smart software solutions. Do you also get excited about the latest technologies and innovations used for this purpose? Does Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation appeal to you? Then Pegasystems is just your thing!

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Get your head start in the Academy with us

Organisations are looking for talented Pega specialists. Do you want to get started with Pega? then you must have the right papers. That’s only logical because you’ll be working at the heart of these organisations. You can get the right certificates at the BPM Company Academy. Our experienced professionals will help you, so that knowledge and experience are directly applied in your training. This gives you an immediate head start in your career.

Discover the BPM Company Academy

Our Academy

“The classroom courses under the guidance of experienced Pega architects help enormously in understanding the theory and practice. This way, you’ll be well prepared to start working for the customer.”

Rik Tulen, Pega Developer @ MN Services

That is why you choose Detavast:

  • Job guarantee with a leading organisation

  • Training and coaching from BPM Company
  • a good starting salary and career opportunities

  • Alumni network of Pega specialists
  • Comprehensive onboarding with certifications

We have a place for your ambition as…

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