What do you do exactly?

As a Senior BPM Architect, I’m mainly designing and developing applications using the Pega BPM software. Most of the time I work in BPM projects for clients who are in the process of redesigning or creating new business processes. I help in defining the requirements and translate this in a design that describes how this can be built using Pega. This always involves questions about what the user interface should look like, but also about how the process is supported using connections to and from other systems: a BPM system is (almost) never on its own. I build the processes, screens and business logic in my role as senior developer of a development team. I also support the deployments and testing, and at the end the go-live of these applications.

Why do you work with BPM Company?

I have been interested in Business Process Management since my master study Business & IT, because it is a common language that can bring business and IT departments closer together. I consider it a challenge to work on this intersection and build applications that fit the business needs. BPM Company has an enthusiastic team of people who share this passion. We can learn a lot from each other; everyone has a different way of looking at things, which allows us to help one another. In addition to my project work at clients, I also do some various activities for BPM Company. For example, I give lectures at universities which we call the BPM College tour. I also attended the annual PegaWorld conference in Washington; that was very cool! And I’m active as an expert for Computable.

What does your workday look like?

It takes about 20 minutes to cycle to work, and after opening my laptop, I check my e-mails and see what tasks have priority that day. At ten o’clock, we have a stand-up where we coordinate with the team who will take up what tasks that day. I spend much of my day in the Pega designer studio to build processes and screens. I’m also involved in answering outstanding business analysis questions: for example about how the screens will look like or about how the connections to and from other systems should work. All kinds of questions pop up about how the process we are building should look like, which requires coordination with other teams or departments. This can either be informal talks or more formal meetings. I go home with a good feeling if I can finalize things that day! After work I go running twice a week, and recently I participated in the Dam to Dam Run in a clients team.


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