One job is not the other. A career at BPM Company is more than just work; it is an experience that stimulates your personal and professional growth. In this blog, René van Seuren, Senior BPM Architect at BPM Company, explains why he feels that way.

Flat organization, short lines

BPM Company is a flat organization. For a long time, Eelco Vissinga, our general manager, was also my talent manager, which says it all. The lines of communication between employees and management are very short. We are all on the same floor, in the same room. That approachability and the attitude of the management within BPM Company ensure an open and accessible working atmosphere.


I feel more involved here than at previous employers. At BPM Company, I experience a stronger bond with both my colleagues and management. This involvement ensures that many people, including myself, are willing to do extra things within the company in addition to regular client work hours. An example of this is my contribution to the mentoring program. But recently there was also a session on the company’s core values, for which a third of the employees volunteered. We all get to contribute and then management really actively follows up on that. This kind of involvement and additional initiatives are things I have experienced to a lesser extent at other organizations.

Nine years of growth and development

I have been with BPM Company for over nine years now, which does show that I like it here. I also have no plans to look outside the door for the time being. When I started here, I already had experience with Pega, which I gained during my final years at Capgemini. Initially, I started here as a medior Pega developer. Over the years I witnessed the development of different versions of Pega, and saw the platform become more and more sophisticated. I followed all that closely. Partly because of this, I was asked – and I really enjoy doing this – to provide training, both internally for junior colleagues who are just starting out, and externally for customers who want to train their own employees to become Pega specialists.

Training and leadership

I progressed to senior developer at BPM Company fairly quickly. During my last assignment at BPM Company, I took on a more prominent leadership role, that of technical team lead. In this role, I not only gained a stronger leadership role, but also the opportunity to actively direct how Pega is used at our customers. Together with other technical team leads from different teams, we combined our expertise to optimize the use of Pega within the project. This role helped me deepen my technical knowledge even further and contributed to my growth as an all-round specialist within BPM Company. It is precisely the opportunity to do more than just the standard work – not just ‘hourly billable hours’ and go home quickly – that makes working at BPM Company so much more than a regular nine-to-five job.

Your career at BPM Company

Do you see a future for you at BPM Company, where you can not only develop your IT talents but also grow personally? If you are proactive, critical and driven, then I would read on to our dedicated careers site. We are always looking for new talent to join our team. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you walking around the department soon.

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