Right now I am focusing on the designing, building and testing of complex process- and integration solutions using the Pega PRPC platform. With Pega, I work to automate customer user stories that result in time and cost reduction; moreover, it can help assure more flexibility, quality and efficiency within a customer’s operations.

My passion lies in automating work and making things simpler by using IT; as you might have guessed, this is what BPM Company does. One of the software product/suites that BPM Company offers, Pega, is quite unique compared to other process management vendors. For instance, Gartner and Forrester have categorised it as the leading vendor for BPM and Case management. It is rewarding to be able to work with great and recognised software.

The company has great focus on knowledge maintenance and transferring it. This is important at any phase of a career, all I know is that learning new things is immensely important to me. Over the past year I have had the possibility to focus on my competences by defining my own learning path.

At BPM Company, I have many colleagues who are experienced Developers or Business Analysts, and some also provide coaching during projects. It is a big advantage for me to be able to learn from my colleagues that already have similar project and/or developing experience with Pega, but also other technologies.

With BPM Company, you have the opportunity to work in different kinds of projects. Each project introduces new challenges, but also difficult situations. Both are an opportunity to learn from. I try my best to get ahead and that is why I train, learn by doing, dare to make mistakes, but also justify and test my solutions. By doing those I make sure that I keep developing not only my knowledge but also my practical skills.

There are lots of things I would like to accomplish. For my first accomplishment I would like to be in a senior role for delivering an application (Pega CSSA), after that I would like to reach the Lead System Architect level, but I am not sure of that one yet. What’s more, at one point I would like to see myself in the role of Business Architect, just to experience the other side to a Pega project.


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