At BPM Company, we have one common ambition: to build the best Pega solutions together with our customers. To do that well, we closely follow all developments around technology in general and the Pega landscape in particular.In this blog, Maarten Veger, People Manager and Pega Lead System Architect, discusses the two most important trends in our dynamic world. He also talks about how we at BPM Company keep up to date.

Trend 1: Rise of the citizen developers

What WordPress is to websites, Pega is to processes. Before, only the real nerds could build websites. WordPress has greatly simplified the process of website development. Similarly, Pega makes building processes accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be tech savvy to get started with Pega. With the intuitive App Studio in the Pega platform, novice developers – so-called citizen developers – can develop processes and basic functionalities (more) easily. Likewise, students pursuing non-technical training are eligible for a traineeship at BPM Company.

Trend 2: Rise of generative AI (GenAI)

It was one of our biggest takeaways from the recent PegaWorld – how could it be otherwise: the rise of artificial intelligence in general and generative AI in particular. The Pega platform is going to be extended with several GenAI features, which will be applied in different use cases. This allows you to integrate concrete applications of AI into business processes through Pega’s visual studio, without having to be a hardcore data scientist or AI expert. About 20 new features based on AI will be implemented in the upcoming release of Pega. Today you have to figure out a data object and its attributes by yourself, but with the help of AI, the system is going to give you a hefty hand. While it won’t be 100 percent perfect, it will help you get started. These AI functionalities not only affect internal processes, but also communication with customers. Think personalized content that makes full use of effective influencing principles, significantly improving the customer experience.

How does BPM Company stay informed?

Within BPM Company, we want to stay informed about the latest developments and trends in the Pega landscape. We do this by informing each other about new developments and interesting projects through online channels or during physical internal events. We also have Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in which colleagues not only exchange knowledge, but also actively experiment together with applying new features and possibilities. This way we create a dynamic environment where everyone inspires each other and new ideas come to life.

Pega-specialist Mark gives a persentation about the Pega trend Generative AI for a group of colleagues at the BPM Company office

Pega-specialist Mark gives a presentation about GenAI & Pega 

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