Are you curious to know what it’s like to work as a marketer at BPM Company? In this interview, we meet junior marketing associate Esmee Vermeer!

Let’s introduce… 

”Hey all, my name is Esmee Vermeer and I am a junior marketing associate at BPM Company. Last year I got my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and this year I am having a gap year. During this gap year, I started working as a junior marketing associate at BPM Company. In September, I will start studying again in Rotterdam.”

Why did you choose BPM Company?

”I was approached through Eelco Franse to join BPM Company. After studying for four years, I was looking for a job to gain practical experience. During my studies, I already found marketing very interesting, and at BPM Company, the marketing team was looking for reinforcement. So it was a great opportunity to develop myself as a junior marketing officer at BPM Company. BPM Company is an educational, fun, and growing company where I had the opportunity to develop myself.”

What does an average day as a marketer look like?

”Actually, every day looks different for a marketer. One day you are busy creating content and the next day you are busy optimising the website. One of your tasks also includes analysing the visitors to the website. So it is all very varied :)

One thing that is a constant, is the walk during lunch with colleagues. This is where we take a walk to stretch our legs, to catch up, and to get lunch. This, among other things, makes working in the office very cosy and nice.”

How do you experience freedom within your job?

”The marketing team currently consists of Yves, Iris and me. Because BPM Company has grown a lot recently, there is a lot of work for us to do. Partly because of this, I experience a lot of freedom within my job. As a junior marketing employee, you are given many challenging assignments that you can carry out independently. If I am at a loss as to what to do, I can always turn to my colleagues.”

What have you learned in your time at BPM Company?

”During my time at BPM Company, I learned that I really enjoy marketing. Marketing involves many tasks, which makes the work very varied. For instance, I enjoy delving into SEO optimisation in the morning and creating content in the afternoon. Furthermore, I learned that marketing differs per target group, so you always have to take that into account. During my studies, I did not learn much about the IT sector. So the fun and educational thing about my time here was that I learned more about the IT sector and at the same time about marketing.”

Would you like to work as a marketer at BPM Company alongside your studies just like Esmee? Or would you like to get started as an intern? What are you waiting for? Join the club! We are always looking for new employees.


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