Are you curious about what it’s like to be an intern at BPM Company? In this interview we meet intern Jari van Wijk! 

Let’s introduce… 

”Hellooo, my name is Jari van Wijk and I am 26 years old. I am currently completing my master’s degree in Business Informatics at Utrecht University. For this, I am in the process of writing my thesis. I am doing this in collaboration with BPM Company in order to achieve a nice result that will hopefully make the development process more efficient and effective.”

What exactly are you researching at BPM Company?

”The title of my thesis is as follows: “Managing Expectations throughout Agile Software Engineering: An approach based on goal-orientation and commitments in multi-agent systems”.

The subject can already be deduced a bit from the title, but I am doing research into how you could better manage expectations within a development process. I want to do this by making those expectations measurable. For example, this could simply be expressed in terms of time or costs, but you could also reason about this by drawing up and modelling soft goals, which are relevant to various tasks or activities within software development.”

How did you know IT suits you?

”Actually, I have been into IT since childhood. I used to have a Playstation 1 on which I played various games like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. Add to this Pokemon on the Game Boy and later the first games on the computer. Over the years, besides gaming, the other fascination with IT has lingered. This allowed me to take the first computer science courses in high school and then I progressed to studying information science as a bachelor. I haven’t regretted this for a moment!”

Why did you choose BPM Company?

”I had my first contact about 2 – 2.5 years ago when I was in the organisation of the conference called exec(ut). Actually at the email contact back then, BPM Company came across as very professional, which we as a committee could really appreciate. The following edition I attended exec(ut) myself as a guest and that’s where I got talking to Frank and Hans. That conversation went very well at the time and we noticed a lot of common ground in which we could find each other.

A few weeks later, it was time for me to start thinking about graduating and the idea of doing this at BPM Company was still on my mind. After some contact and several interviews, the click was indeed there and that is how I got the great opportunity to write my research together with BPM Company.”


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