Change is a constant and no software platform understands this better than Pega. PegaWorld iNspire reminded our attending Pega specialists why the Pega platform has stayed relevant for forty years. In this article, our colleagues Richard, Maarten and Arjan share the three most important trends from PegaWorld iNspire 2023.

Trend 1: the rise of Generative AI features (#GenAI)

We expected that the trends at PegaWorld this year would be mostly about the further development of Constellation, project Fnx, and the expansion of the business case for Pega Cloud. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The IT-world experienced a true disruption with the  introduction of ChatGPT.The breakthrough of this powerful generative AI (GenAI) also attracted a lot of attention within the Pega community. Indeed, the emergence of GenAI opened up endless possibilities in digitizing and automating business processes. A major topic of discussion at PegaWorld was therefore the expansion of Pega’s GenAI functionalities.

These many GenAI functions will be used in different use cases. One of the features shown was GenAI’s Autopilot feature. With this feature, for example, you easily create a baseline and data model for submitting a loan application. Within minutes, the Autopilot feature offered a case design, data model and screen suggestions. Developers can then customize these suggestions to their specific requirements and needs. While the suggestions will not always be 100% accurate, they are certainly useful.

The Autopilot feature is one of many GenAI features we expect to see. Initially, the various GenAI features will mainly focus on supporting the development process, enabling smarter and faster workflows. In our opinion, a positive step for both Pega developers and end users.

Groepsfoto van BPM Company medewerkers voor hun booth op PegaWorld

Our colleagues in front of our booth in the Innovaiton Hub at PegaWorld 2023

Trend 2: the rise of the autonomous enterprise

The rise of the autonomous enterprise is the second trend of PegaWorld iNspire, one that we also saw during our knowledge session at Pegasystems in Amsterdam. The comparison between the autonomous enterprise and the self-driving car is easily made: the increasing degree to which cars are supported by technology also applies to organizations. Organizations can use Pega’s “self-driving” functionalities to power their operations, supported by transparent AI (or ProcessAI).

It is important that organizations embrace more AI support so that they can remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace. Still, this does not mean that organizations should relinquish control. In fact, embracing AI support allows organizations to have more control over their desired direction. The autonomous enterprise, equipped with a range of Pega features, facilitates this journey and allows organizations and Pega developers to focus on their most important goals.

Trend 3: process optimalization with process mining

An exciting new application for Pega is the process mining application. Pega collects a wealth of data about how processes run. Using the process mining application, this data can be easily analyzed. The analysis can then help identify bottlenecks, after which actions for improvement can be designed. In addition, the application’s visualization capabilities give Pega developers valuable insights into how end users navigate the processes. As a result, developers gain greater insight into how the application is actually being used.

PegaWorld 2024 here we come!

All in all, we look back on an inspiring PegaWorld iNspire 2023. The Pega platform is constantly evolving and we are eager to see what Pega will offer us in 2024. Therefore, our colleagues will also be at PegaWorld 2024 to discover the latest Pega trends. For now, we can’t wait to get started with the newest Pega functionalities.

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