12 May 2022 @ 16:00 - 17:30

Webinar: Discover the world of Pega

Do you want to find out how you make an impact with this Pega software development platform at leading organisations? Then let our specialists take you into the world of Pega in this webinar!

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In this webinar…

We will give you an introduction to the world of BPM Company and the Pega software development platform. We will take you through the opportunities and activities we carry out for our customers and what it is like to work here. Besides the theory, we will also actually build an application together during a real-life demo!


15:50 – Webinar open for participation
16:00 – About BPM Company
16:05 – Pega in practice
16:30 – Live demo building in Pega
17:15 – Working at BPM Company
17:30 – End of webinar

About Pega…

Pega is a platform with which changes can be made to existing applications or completely new applications can be built faster than ever before. Everything to provide the users with the desired results as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Hans Steenwijk – The recruiter at BPM Company. Let him tell you more about working at our club.
Pega Specialist – One of our Pega experts from BPM Company will introduce you to this ground-breaking development tool and share his experience with you.